Do you Know Your Arm Candy Styles?

Do you love to carry your world (including the kitchen sink) with you? Then here are five arm candy styles that you ought to own.  We mean it when we say that your closet can’t do without them. And if you don’t know your totes from your hobos, it’s time to brush up your fashion vocabulary too!


Top Handle Collage
The Top Handle: For When You Mean Business

Ladylike while being fuss-free and practical, top handles are the perfect accompaniment to any work outfit. This is a style that needs to rest on the crook of your arm and can’t be thrown over the shoulders. The construction and shape are accentuated when paired with pencil skirts and printed blouses. Elespry’s brown top handle bag is as chic as they come.



The Hobo: For Never-Ending Errands

Easy, relaxed and huge, a hobo lets you make the most of your Saturday chores. It is typically a large, crescent-shaped bag made out of soft, flexible material that tends to slouch when set down. Paired with jeans and a t-shirt, this one is all about breezy chic. Choose a style that doesn’t sit too heavy on your shoulder. Think less metal and more fabric like our Dull Gold Handbag.


The Evening Clutch: For When You Want to Let Your Hair Down

Date nights and cocktail brunches call for this byte-sized bag. Just enough space to snugly carry money, keys and your favourite lipstick, this style is ever so popular! With saris or bandeau dresses, these versatile babies have got you covered. You’ll love our Black Clutch Bag!



The Tote: For When You Want to be Timelessly Classy

A large, structured handbag, generally with an open top, the tote easily transitions from day to night and promises a neater look than the hobo. Almost all totes contain zipped compartments to store laptops, files and even an extra shirt, if need be! Twin handles provide easy grips and the tote has a lot of space to conveniently accommodate your daily essentials. The pairings with this one are as versatile as the bag itself. Be sure to get one in pops of colour to brighten dull summer days. Our selection will surely steal your heart.


The Sling: For When You’re in Holiday Mode

Packing for holidays can be quite a pain and one thing that should be prioritized is a bag with a sling to give your shoulder some much-needed rest while you wait in long airport queues or walk down cobblestone streets. Sling bags are usually medium-sized to carry all your essentials. Find one with lots of mini sections! Look out for something in a nice blue like this one on Elespry or a tan version to go well with your standard pair of jeans and tank tops.


So which handbag style is your favourite?

Radhika Narang
Radhika Narang